Project Publications

Final publications and other work directly resulting from the WEALTHPOL project are at the following links.

Article Title Authors Title of Journal/Proc/Book (Number/Date/Frequency) DOI Repositor Link
Housing and populism David Adler, Ben Ansell West European Politics, 43/2



Social distancing, politics and wealth Ben W. Ansell; Asli Canusar; Mads Andreas Elkjaer  



The Politics of Housing Ben W. Ansell Annual Review of Political Science, 3 10.1146/annurev-polisci-050317-071146
The political consequences of housing (un)affordability Ben Ansell, Asli Cansunar Journal of European Social Policy, 31 (5) 10.1177/09589287211056171
Sheltering Populists? House Prices and the Support for Populist Parties Ben Ansell, Frederik Hjorth, Jacob Nyrup, Martin Vinaes Larsen Journal of Politics, 84 (3) 10.1086/718354
Political Inequality Ben Ansell and Jane Gingrich Institute for Fiscal Studies Deaton Review of Inequality