Generating Inclusive Growth conference

Next week, on 8th-9th November, Ben Ansell will be speaking on a panel on wealth as part of the Generating Inclusive Growth conference, held at Nuffield College here in Oxford.

The conference has been organised by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (part of the Martin School, University of Oxford) and the OECD Centre for Opportunity and Equality. The WEALTHPOL PI was asked to speak by Professor Brian Nolan. Sessions include discussions of the future of work, wage stagnation and reinvorgating wage growth, and the politics of redistibution, with speakers such as Stefano Scarpetta (Director for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD), Matt Whittaker (Deputy Director, Resolution Foundation), and Michael Forster (Centre for Opportunity and Equality, OECD). 

After the event, the slides will be posted to the 'related work' section of the website.