Brexit and the Politics of Housing in Britain

The British Model After Brexit: Where Next?

Ben Ansell spoke at this conference, organised by the Resolution Foundation and Political Quarterly. The focus of the event was the big challenges and choices faced by the British model of democratic capitalism after Brexit – what is going to change, what will be the continuities and, amid all the costs and disruption, what might be the opportunities? It addressed three pillars: the future of the British economic model; the impact on party politics, political identities, and constitutional implications; and the future of tax, spending and the welfare state.  

A special edition of Political Quarterly is to be published on this subject, and will drawn on the presentations at this conference. We will update when this is available, likely spring 2019. The event was an opportunity for the book’s authors to try out their arguments and discuss them informally with each other and with a select group of leading academics, commentators, policy-makers and politicians.

To see the slides from this presentation, click here.