Ben Ansell elected as Fellow of the British Academy

The WEALTHPOL team are delighted to congratulate the PI, Ben Ansell, on his election to the British Academy!


It was announced today that Ben has been honoured with a British Academy Fellowship for his work on political economy and wealth inequality and redistribution. Ben joins 75 other academics in a year where the British Academy chose to broaden and expand the fellowship by electing a record number of new Fellows.

Congratulations Ben!


The Department of Politics and International Relations was very happy to report the news, quoting Ben as 'delighted and honoured to have been recognised'. You can also read about the appointment on the University of Oxford main news pages, as Ben was one of eight academics from this University elected this year. Nuffield College was also justly proud of his appointment alongside others from the college.

The full list of appointments can be seen on the British Academy's own site.