APSA 2018

The Annual General meeting of the American Political Science Association was held in Boston this year, and the WEALTHPOL team was there to network, learn about the latest scholarship in the field, and present our work.

There was also a meeting between members of the WEALTHPOL team and our Advisory Board; a very fruitful discussion about how the project has been progressing and where we need to go next. This autumn sees the team reach full complement, so we are very excited about how quickly things will now develop. APSA was the perfect time to meet with the Board and update them on our progress.

As well as chairing several different panels across the conference, PI Ben Ansell presented work related to and combined with his WEALTHPOL research. We would like to draw attention to two papers in particular, both of which are available to download from the 'Related Work' section of our website:

'Housing, Place, and Populism', with Kathleen R. McNamara

'Why Inequality Does Not Undermine Democracy', with David J. Samuels